Our Story Is Filled With Flavor

More than 150 years ago, we began our tobacco journey as tobacco farmers, eventually becoming a premier exporter of leaf tobacco in the USA. And for the last 50 years, we’ve been perfecting tobacco taste with a focus on flavor innovation. Today, we remain a family-owned and operated business. It’s in our DNA.

The TTI Difference

100% Devoted to the Tobacco Industry

As a business partner, we focus on agility, innovation, and superior customer service. No other provider understands the industry the way we do, or has a perspective built on long heritage: reliable knowledge of the tobacco markets, customer preferences, competitive landscapes, changing regulations, and product evolution.

While other companies have diversified by experimenting with food and beverage flavoring, or dreaming up a new luxury perfume, TTI focuses on creating the next unique signature flavor for leading-edge tobacco providers, like you.

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Superior flavor experiences begin and end with our customers. Our teams listen to your ideas, and through intensive research and superior technical expertise, collaborate with you to develop innovations in flavoring that give you the competitive edge you deserve. If you can imagine it, we can create it: think cocoa and cream, brandy and spice, or pineapple, kiwi and mint.

At TTI, our specialty is fusing flavors together to create a unique taste experience. Interested in transitioning a signature flavor of traditional style tobacco to an on-trend product? We’re leading the way by turning select raw materials into high-quality flavors for shisha, cigars, snus, cigarettes, and e-liquids.



Today, TTI is a combination of highly-skilled tobacco and flavor experts in research and development, regulatory compliance, and sales partnership.

With a heritage that is tobacco-based, TTI incorporates only high purity aroma chemicals which we analyze for integrity before release for manufacturing. Finished products are verified by an exacting quality assurance (QA) team for acceptance — and approved by our in house test panels — prior to shipment.

So while we are world-renowned for our entrepreneurial spirit, our flexibility, and our agility to deliver high-quality smoking products, it’s our rigorous quality controls using state-of-the-art technologies throughout the entire flavoring process that bring true value.



TTI maintains an exhaustive knowledge of domestic and international regulations. We actively monitor, engage, and comply with ever-evolving regulatory standards and follow the regional guidelines unique to each customer.

Our modern manufacturing facility was designed to meet and exceed global regulatory requirements. Product quality control is critical, especially concerning ingredient pedigree of all flavors produced at TTI. Absolutely nothing leaves our R&D facilities unless we’ve ensured our flavors are compliant with the highest quality standards in the industry, and our customers are 100% satisfied.



Our goal is to help global customers adapt to market changes and be well positioned to meet new flavor trends. Through direct and personal relationships with multinational — and indigenous — manufacturers, TTI flavors are found in smoking products everywhere. We actively engage with customers in 76 countries and have a thorough and expanding insight into how regional tastes are affecting, and are affected by, international tobacco markets.

TTI is deeply committed to having a local presence as we service global customers, supported by frequent onsite visits and ongoing dialogues with nations experiencing privatization, new product regulations, and other critical changes. To better serve you, we’ve opened offices in Shanghai, China and we will have a facility in Assisi, Italy in early 2018 to complement our TTI headquarters and our sister company eLiquiTech, both located in Eldersburg, Maryland, USA.


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