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Survival Guide
Tobacco Reporter - January, 2016

With its unrivaled e-liquid manufacturing facility, eLiquiTech will help the vapor industry comply with FDA regulations, however strict they turn out to be. Click here to read the full article (PDF).

The Need for Speed
Vapor Voice Magazine - Issue 4, 2015

Genesis, a new high-speed cartomizer-filling machine, may revolutionize e-liquid manufacturing. Click here to read the full article (PDF).

E-liquids with a pedigree
Tobacco Journal International - June, 2015

After 40 years creating flavours for the tobacco industry, US flavour house Tobacco Technolog, Inc. has just opened its own e-liquid factory. Offering everything from R&D to bottling, the facility was designed with future regulations in mind. Click here to read the full article (PDF).

Popularity of shisha in the West continues steady growth
Tobacco Journal International - January, 2013

The consumption of shisha throughout the world continues to grow at a steady rate. Even in Egypt where, at the end of last year, tax was hiked up to 150 per cent of the retail price from a level of just 50per cent, consumption rates have climbed slightly. TJI asked some of the sectors major players about their thoughts on the current 'state of play'. Click here to read the full article (PDF).

Adding to cut raw material cost
Tobacco Journal International - March, 2012

Raw material costs fluctuate, and when they do, production-cost planning goes out the window and chief executives get upset. Options include firing the CFO, not always effective, or looking for a way to take the raw out of material. Click here to read the full article (PDF).

TTI: Flavoring Asia
Tobaccoasia - 3rd Quarter 2012

With the region's wide array of products and styles, from white sticks of all types, kretek and cigars to shisha and chewing tobacco, Asian and Middle Eastern tobacco product manufacturers present many challenges and opportunities for fl avor companies. Click here to read the full article (PDF).

A Matter of Taste
Tobacco Reporter - February, 2012

Tom Cravotta reflects on the impact of growing regulations on the flavoring business. Click here to read the full article (PDF).

TTI Rolls out New Print Ad Campaign
May 10, 2010

As Tobacco Technology, Inc., (TTI) marks its 35th year as a global tobacco flavoring house, it has launched a new advertising campaign to reinforce its commitment to the tobacco flavoring industry. Click here to read the full article (PDF).